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Ann McGee-Cooper: A Tribute

New Job Tips Servant-LeaderBy Joe Iarocci

August 22, 2016

Got that new job?


Here are 6 new job tips for servant-leaders that could be valuable for you.

  1. Keep humble. People often feel a little insecure when they start a new job. Or the need to prove themselves quickly. Don’t worry, that’s only natural. Unfortunately, however, both feelings can lead to behavior that puts others off. The truly confident – those with nothing to prove – are usually the most humble.
  1. Listen deeply. Listening is a key practice of servant leadership. And there is no better time to listen than when starting a new job. In a new company? Listen to more than specific individuals – listen to what the entire culture is telling you. In a new department of your old company? Don’t assume you know everything. In any event, deep listening should serve you well.
  1. Ask lots of good questions. In most cases, you aren’t expected to know everything when you start a new job. You have a nice opportunity, therefore, to ask lots of questions (some of which you might not be able to ask later). Don’t be afraid to show some vulnerability. Remember, servant-leaders are judged as much by their ability to ask questions as by their ability to give answers.

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